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Dan Nicholson of Nth Degree CPAs

We're honored and thrilled to introduce you to the most exciting sponsor Diamond Day has ever had - Dan Nicholson and his firm, Nth Degree CPAs.

When Dan spoke and connected with attendees at Diamond Day IV, he was so inspired by the incredible community that he couldn't wait to get more involved. After hiring several Diamond Day members for services like copywriting, marketing, and even personal training, Dan reached out to partner as a sponsor for this year's Diamond Day V as soon as the opportunity arose.

Dan Nicholson is simply one of the best in the world at finance and creative accounting strategies tailored for entrepreneurs and elite performers. He has an extensive track record of turning 6 and 7-figure debt and tax liabilities into 6 and 7-figure windfalls.

From funding ambitious dreams like hockey rinks, horse farms, and exotic vacation properties to solving problems other "experts" deemed impossible, Dan's laundry list of success stories and accomplishments is truly remarkable...

Including authoring the Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestseller "Rigging the Game," being named a Top 40 Under 40 Accountant globally four times, and developing the Nth Degree Framework – a comprehensive system for achieving financial certainty and success on one's own terms.

So what makes Dan's approach so extraordinary?

For starters, he's not incentivized to provide anything less than optimal service. He stays up-to-date on the latest strategies, deductions, and credits – things most CPAs wouldn't know about until years later.

With connections like former IRS commissioners on speed dial, Dan operates at a level most firms can't comprehend.

Dan has built something incredible to share with this community – a full-stacked, proprietary financial assessment like nothing I've seen before. This assessment will reveal hidden money leaks, underutilized cash flow opportunities, and strategic pathways to maximize your wealth like never before.

While some questions may  tricky, I encourage you to power through and complete the quiz no matter what.

The insights you'll gain are too powerful to ignore, no matter your current income level.

Trust me, even I – someone well-versed in Dan's teachings – had major blindspots revealed.

And for those with businesses doing $1M or more in annual revenue, not talking to Dan would be a devastating missed opportunity. I'm grateful Dan is sharing this game-changing assessment with our community.

You can check it out and more at Dan's website below: